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Angraecum viquerii

Description Edit

The Angracum Viquerii is an elusive orchid. There is very little information on it. The plant itself is more tall than wide and is a half miniature sized Angracum. When the plant flowers, each "spike" produces one flower. The plant can produce many "spikes" but usually produces 1 to 3 "spikes".

Culture Edit

Angracum Viquerii loves humidity and cool to somewhat warm temperatures. People usually grow them on wooden mounts with sphagnum moss. They love a lot of air circulation around there roots and prefer to be in a cool, humid and ventilated room with a daily mist. They love shaded bright light to full shade and would enjoy having some morning sun. Fertilize using a 20-20-20 or 10-10-10 once a month. To encourage blooming, give it a 10-20 degrees difference between day and night. In the day give higher temperatures of about 60-79F(16-26C) and 56-60F(13-16C) at night.

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