Ascocenda Princess Mikasa

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa
Ascocenda Princess Mikasa 'Sapphire'

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Vanda lamellata
Pollen Parent: Ascocenda Motes Goldpiece
Genus: Ascocenda
Hybrid Epithet: Ascda. Princess Mikasa
Binomial name
Ascocenda Princess Mikasa
Motes Nov. 16, 1994

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa is a popular hybid. Flowers are large and purple or pink.


Since the plant has traits of vanda coerulea, the plant can grow in cool to intermediate conditions. Hang the plant in a area with a lots of air movement. Avoid keeping plant in a pot and let the roots hang in a basket with coarse fir bark. If potted use tree fern or osmunda fibers. Spray roots every day. Keep in full sun.


Ascocenda Princess Mikasa 'Pink' Pink petals sepals and lip


Generation 1

  1. Vanda lamellata × Ascocenda Motes Goldpiece

Generation 2

  1. Ascocenda Motes Goldpiece = Vanda Filipino × Ascocenda Sagarik

Generation 3

  1. Vanda Filipino = Euanthe sanderiana × Vanda Lenavat
  2. Ascocenda Sagarik = Euanthe sanderiana × Ascocentrum miniatum

Generation 4

  1. Vanda Lenavat = Vanda Joan Rothsand × Euanthe sanderiana

Generation 5

  1. Vanda Joan Rothsand = Vanda Joan Swearingen × Vanda Onomea

Further parentage


Ascocenda Princess Mikasa ‘Tayanee White’