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Papua is the most complex biodiversity area in Indonesia. Not only has many types of animals, Papua is also a home of unique plants and may be the only one in the world. For example black orchids, one of [khas indonesia] . This plant is known to be endemic in Papua and can hardly be found anywhere else.

Talking more deeply about black orchids, this plant is indeed extraordinary. Not only is it beautiful and displays the maximum aesthetics of a flower, Black Orchid is also a very good trading commodity. You know, the price of this flower is so expensive. Per seed is sometimes valued up to hundreds of millions. The scarcity and difficulty of finding this flower in nature is a bit of the many reasons why the black orchid is boombastis.

Even though it is extraordinarily expensive, in fact this interest orchid is still very popular. Not only Indonesians themselves, but also foreign orchid collectors. Still about the expensive sweet black, here are some things you might not know about the Papua Black Orchid.

Unique Characteristics of Black Orchid[]

Physically, this flower is very different from other types of orchids, especially about color. Yes, as the name suggests, this black orchid is really dark in color. Almost all the petals are black inside and out. But, in the middle, this flower has a different color. Sometimes it's purple, sometimes it's bright red. As a result, this color combination creates a very elegant combination.

Said the orchid lovers, this one flower gives its own impression when looking at it. Not just giving beauty, the black orchid of Papua also seems to offer an extraordinary impression of elegance. Not only the distinctive colors and shapes, this flower also has a unique aroma.

Elegant black flowers that are super rare and cannot be bred[]

Unlike other types of orchids, the Papuan black crown is so hard to find. It is not impossible, actually, but to be able to meet with this flower we have to explore the depths of Papua's forests because their habitat is there. That doesn't always work either, because the number of black orchids themselves is very limited.

Maybe you are thinking why isn't this orchid just bred so it's like the others? Can there be more in number? That's right, but this black orchid is really different. Yes, black orchids are very difficult to breed. To be able to produce seedlings he must be placed in conditions and the environment as their natural habitat. Even though it has been placed in such a way, the chances of success are only 20-30 percent.
Black Orchid Prices That Make Nangis
The unique thing about this orchid in addition to its extraordinary shape is the abysmal price. Don't be surprised, this flower is valued at least one hundred million rupiah per plant. This price range is minimal. Black orchids can be even more crazy when he has other unique characteristics.

Of course it's not surprising why the black orchid can be this expensive. Yes, the reason is obvious because of its extraordinary rarity. This interest can only be obtained by entering the Papua forest. Not only because of packaging and physical, what makes this flower expensive is the effort to look for it.

The only thing in the world[]

It is true that the Papua black orchid is not the only orchid with black flowers. But, for the special characteristics possessed by the Papua orchid, certainly no one likes it. So, we can say that this black orchid is the only one in the world.

When it comes to black orchids in Indonesia, Papuan black orchids are not the only ones. Yes, in Kalimantan there are also black orchids, but they have different characteristics. Unfortunately, the Kalimantan black orchid is also said to be getting scarce. If this is the case, it is due to logging.
Because of the smaller number, it seems the government has to emphasize the rules regarding the hunt for flowers. The reason is of course for the existence of the flower itself. Do not let this flower disappear because of greed. It would be a shame, of course, if the flowers that are so unique to Papua really disappear forever.