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Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris
Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris.jpg

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Podochilaeae
SubTribe: Bulbophyllinae
Genus: Bulbophyllum
Species: Bulb. flabellum-veneris
Binomial name
Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris
(J.König) Aver. 2003

Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris is a species of Bulbophyllum found in Asia.


Plants bloom in the summer to fall


Plant is found on mossy rocks and tree trunks in semi deciduous forest inIndia, Burma, Laos, Thailand, penninsular Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia at elevations of 300 to 1100 meters


Keep plant in warm temperatures. Keep moist in summer seasons and do not allow mix to dry, in winter keep the mix slight dry and reduce watering. Keep good air movement to avoid fungal growth. Keep plants in shade. Pot plants in sphagnum moss, fine bark, or mounted.


Common Names:Venus' Fan Bulbophyllum


  1. Bulbophyllum andersonii Kurz 1870
  2. Cirrhopetalum flabellovernis [Koenig] 1824
  3. Bulbophyllum griffithianum Parish & Rchb.f 1874
  4. Bulbophyllum lepidum [Bl.]J. J. Sm. 1905
  5. Bulbophyllum lepidum var. angustum Ridl. 1896
  6. Bulbophyllum lepidum var. insigne J.J.Sm. 1920
  7. Bulbophyllum rolfeanum Siedenfadden & Smitinand 1961
  8. Cirrhopetalum andersonii [Kurz] Hkr. 1890
  9. Cirrhopetalum ciliatum Klinge 1898
  10. Cirrhopetalum gagnepanii Guillamin 1964
  11. Cirrhopetalum lepidum (Blume) Schltr. 1911
  12. Cirrhopetalum siamense Rolfe ex Downie 1925
  13. Cirrhopetalum viscidum (J.J.Sm.) Garay, Hamer & Siegerist 1994
  14. Epidendrum falbellum vernis Koenig 1791
  15. Ephippium lepidum Bl 1825
  16. Phyllorchis andersonii (H. Kurz) Kuntze 1891
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