Bulbophyllum macraei is a species of Bulbophyllum found in South to South-East Asia.


Plants bloom in the late summer on thin, wiry inflorescences slightly taller than the leaves, with a few to several 3.5 to 5 cm non-fragrant flowers.


Plants are usually found growing epiphytically on the bases of tree trunks, and sometime lithophytically on moss covered limestone rocks in humid forests in India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Japan, at elevations from 300 to 1,500 m.


Grow plants in warm shady conditions, keeping the medium evenly moist in the summer, not letting the medium dry. During the winter, slightly reduce watering. Maintain good air movement to prevent bacterial problems. Plants can be potted in sphagnum moss, fine bark, or mounted.



Common names: Macrae's Bulbophyllum


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