Coelogyne lawrenceana

Coel. lawrenceana

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Coelogyneae
SubTribe: Coelogyninae
Genus: Coelogyne
Species: Coel. lawrenceana
Binomial name
Coelogyne lawrenceana
Rolfe 1905

Coelogyne lawrenceana is a species of Coelogyne.


Plants bloom from fall through spring with three to six successively opening 10 cm wide flowers. Flowers are fragrant.


Plant is found growing in the primary montane forests of Vietnam at elevations around 2500 meters.


Plants are usually grown in baskets. Plant grows in intermediate to warm temperatures with partial shade. Water regularly through the year. Pot in a well drain medium. Pot in a plastic or clay pot with a mix of fine fir bark, tree fern fibers, and perlite or pot in New Zealand sphagnum moss.


Entomology The species is named after Sir James John Trevor Lawrence who first exhibited the species at the Royal Horticultural Society in 1905. The plant was awarded with a Award of Merit.

Common name: Lawrence's Coelogyne


  1. Coelogyne fleuryi Gagnep. 1930


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