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Dendrobium moniliforme

Den moniliforme.jpg

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Dendrobieae
SubTribe: Dendrobiinae
Genus: Dendrobium
Species: Den. moniliforme
Binomial name
Dendrobium moniliforme
(L.) Sw. 1799

Dendrobium moniliforme is a species of genus Dendrobium


Plant is deciduous and blooms from winter to summer with up to two flowers. Flowers are 3.75 cm wide and fragrant. Some leaves can be vereigated with white/cream to yellow to even striped with pink. Flower color varies from white/creams and yellows to green and reds, pinks, and purples.


Plants are found in broad leaf forest growing on rocks in Korea and China to the west and Taiwan at elevations of 800 to 3000 meter.


Plant grows in cool to warm temperatures with medium amounts of light. Keep plant moist and fertilize year round. Plants prefer the mix to dry out between watering. Grow in a well drain mix of sphagnum moss or medium fir bark.

Plant grows well mounted. Plants also grow well mounted on a ball of sphagnum moss and wrapeed in long fiber spahgnum moss like the traditional Japanese potting method used for Neofinetia and Sedirea japonica.


Common Names:The Necklace-Shaped Dendrobium


Den. moniliforme plate

  1. Callista japonica Kuntze 1891
  2. Callista moniliformis (L.) Kuntze 1891
  3. Dendrobium castum Bateman 1868
  4. Dendrobium catenatum Lindley 1830
  5. Dendrobium heishanense Hayata 1914
  6. Dendrobium japonicum Lindley 1830
  7. Dendrobium monile[Thunb.]Kraenzl 1910
  8. Dendrobium nienkui Tso 1933
  9. Dendrobium taiwanianum S.S.Ying 1978
  10. Dendrobium yunnanense Finet 1907
  11. Dendrobium zonatum Rolfe 1903
  12. Epidendrum monile Thunberg 1799
  13. Epidendrum moniliferum Panzer 1783
  14. *Epidendrum moniliforme Linn. 1753
  15. Dendrobium moniliforme 'Benifuuki'
  16. Limodorum monile (Thunb.) Thunb. 1794
  17. Onychium japonicum Bl. 1848
  18. Ormostema albiflora Raf. 1836