Dracuvallia Blue Boy

Dracuvallia Blue Boy

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Masdevallia uniflora
Pollen Parent: Dracula chimaera
Genus: Dracuvallia
Hybrid Epithet: Drvla. Blue Boy
Binomial name
Dracuvallia Blue Boy
Chin May 21, 1991

Dracuvallia Blue Boy is a hybrid between Masdevallia uniflora x Dracula chimaera. The plant is rose pink and blooms upright


Keep in shad. Keep plant cool. Keep plant medium moist. Plant can be potted in 50% small fir bark and 50% perlite mixture. Plant blooms around summer to winter.


  • Dracuvallia Blue Boy 'Cow Hollow' AM/AOS grown by Anna S. Chai

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