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This page is intended to show new users how to edit Orchid Wiki.

General pages

When starting to edit a page first insert the template that is intended for the page which can be found at Orchids Wiki:Templates under the Infobox Templates section. For example you would use {{Infobox}} Then fill out all the fields. If you need help check wikipedia or google for information regarding taxonomy.

For hybrids be sure you fill out the Parental information of the plant. The Seed Parent is the first plant before the x and the pollen parent is the second plant(ie. Seed Parent x Pollen Parent). If you don't know the parent's check the RHS plant registration Please DO NOT post hybrids that you don't know the parents of.

Then after filling out the Infobox template briefly describe the plant and bold its name in the sentence.

Unknown Information

If you do not know something state it in the talk page or leave the tag{{stub}} on it so other users who view the collective stubs can edit it. If you fill out a whole infobox and do not know information tag it with {{info}}


For species and natural hybrids the section Distribution should be created. This section is intended for the description of the habitat of the plant, countries which the plant inhabits, and altitude the plant found in. If you do not know some information tag the article with its specific stub tag.

The section Description is used to describe the plants bloom time, flower features, leaves, medicinal uses, conservation status, and other miscellaneous information. If specific information is very long then separate it into a sub section.

The section Culture is used for cultivation information about the plant. Information in this section includes light requirement, temperature, humidity, watering, potting media used, dormancy, and vernalization. The cultivation section of the genus is intended for general cultivation methods of species and hybrids within the genus.

The Naming section should have its common names and a section for synonyms. For a list of the synonyms check

On genre and other pages the section Taxonomy include the subgenus and descriptions of the DNA analysis.

A species and natural hybrids section can be included in pages of genres. If the section is too long use the scrollbox template.

The section variants should include plant cultivars, sub species, and different varieties. It should include a picture name and description.

For Awards section include awarded plant info, date, and the grower.

A parentage section must be included on all complex hybrids. Lineage must be up to five generations.


Images should be clear and detailed. See Help:Image copyright tags for copyright details. Images that should be uploaded include:

  1. Pictures of the flower
  2. Picture of the plant in its natural habitat
  3. Drawings of the plants
  4. Any others that you think is significant

Example pages