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Lycaste × niesseniae

Lycaste × niesseniae.jpg

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Lycaste occulta
Pollen Parent: Lycaste schilleriana
Genus: Lycaste
Hybrid Epithet: Lyc. × niesseniae
Binomial name
Lycaste × niesseniae
Oakeley 2007

Lycaste × niesseniae is a hybrid from the genus Lycaste. Plant blooms in the winter with a single flower.


Plant is found in Colombia.


Grow in diffused bright light and keep in cool to warm temperatures. Keep humidity from 40 to 70%. Water regularly during growing season. The potting media should be a little moist in between waterings. To prevent rot, avoid water from touching leaves. Reduce watering during the winter. Pot plants in 75% fine bark and 25% perlite or in full sphagnum moss.