Maxillaria × doucetteana

Maxillaria x doucetteana.jpg

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Maxillaria sanderiana
Pollen Parent: Maxillaria augustae-victoriae
Genus: Maxillaria
Hybrid Epithet: doucetteana
Binomial name
Maxillaria × doucetteana
Christenson 2007

Maxillaria × doucetteana is a natural hybrid between Maxillaria sanderiana and Maxillaria augustae-victoriae.

Description[edit | edit source]

This plant was discovered at Andy's Orchids and described in 2007 by Eric Christenson and named in honor of Alfonso Doucette. Other plants have been found in the collection of Ecuagenera Orchid Nursery. M x doucetteana shows characters intermediate between M. sanderiana and M. angustae-victoriae (syn. M. hirtzii). The plant is large, very robust, and has a clumping growth habit. The flower is five inches across, white and fragrant of orange blossoms with extra nuances.

Distribution[edit | edit source]

Plant grows as a terrestrial in cloud forests near Moyobamba Peru.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Plant can be grown in a fine bark medium, full sphagnum moss, or mounted on treefern. Grow in cold to cool-intermediate conditions with medium amounts of light. Water regularly and keep mix moist but not wet.

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