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Myrmecophila thomsoniana

(Myrmecophila) thomsoniana
Myrmecophila thomsoniana

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Epidendreae
SubTribe: Laeliinae
Genus: Myrmecophila
Species: Myrmecophila thomsoniana
Binomial name
Myrmecophila thomsoniana
Rolfe 1917

Myrmecophila thomsoniana is an species in the genus Myrmecophila

Description []

This orchid is a small sized, hot growing epiphyte in scrubby bushes close to the sea and exposed to full sun with curved, hollow, pseudobulbs carrying a few apical, elliptic-ovate leaves that blooms in the spring and summer on an erect, to 120 cm long, sometimes branched inflorescence from which arise several to many 12 to 20 successively opening, fragrant flowers occuring over a long period.

The Cayman Islands natives have used the dried pseudobulbs of this species to fashion pipes to smoke tobacco or ganja.

Distribution Edit[]

Found in the Cayman Islands

Naming Edit[]

Common Names: Thompson's Dwarf Schomburgkia

Banana Orchid

Synonyms Edit[]

1.Bletia thomsoniana Rchb. f. 1887 2.Laelia thomsoniana [Rchb.f]L.O.Wms.1941 3. Myrmecophila brysiana var. thompsoniana (Lem.) G.C. Kenn. 1979 4.Schomburgkia brysiana var minor [Hkr.] Jones 1966 5. Schomburgkia brysiana var thompsoniana [Rchb.f] Jones 1963 6.Schomburgkia thompsoniana Rchb.f 1877 7.Schomburgkia thompsoniana var minor Strachan ex Fawc. 1894 8.Schomburgkia thompsoniana var minor [Rchb.f] Hkr. 1902