Ophrys bertolonii

Ophrys bertolonii

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Orchidoideae
Tribe: Orchideae
SubTribe: Orchidinae
Genus: Ophrys
Species: Ophrys bertolonii
Binomial name
Ophrys bertolonii
[Tod.]Moretti 1823

Ophrys bertolonii is a plant of the family Orchidaceae that is found in Europe.


Plant is found growning in grasslands of the mediterranean from Italy and Sicily at elevations of 0 to 1500 meters.


Plant blooms in the spring to summer with one to several 2.5 cm flowers.


Plants prefer well-drained low-fertility soils and areas with partial shade. Plants are very sensitive to the addition of fertilizers or fungicides and transplanting because it kills symbiotic fungus. The plant is usually propagated through seed culture. This species is cool to cold growing. Divide plant when flower fades.


Ophrys bertolonii balearica Ophrys bertolonii subsp. balearica
(P. Delforge) L. Sáez & Rosselló 1997
Lip is dark brown with a blue patch, sepals are white and petals are pink
Ophrys bertolonii bertolonii Ophrys bertolonii variant Lip is dark brown with a blue patch, sepals and petals are pink


Common name:Bertoloni's Ophyrs


  1. Arachnites bertolonii Tod. 1842
  2. Arachnites insengae (Nyman) Tod. 1858
  3. Ophrys bertolonii f. triloba (Renz) Soca 2001
  4. Ophrys bertolonii subsp. flavicans (Vis.) K.Richt 1890
  5. Ophrys bertolonii var. dalmatica Murr 1901
  6. Ophrys bertolonii var. triloba Renz 1930
  7. Ophrys dalmatica (Murr) Soó 1926
  8. Ophrys flavicans Vis. 1842
  9. Ophrys grassensis Jauvy ex Steud. 1821
  10. Ophrys inzengae Nyman 1865
  11. Ophrys marzensis Soca 1997
  12. Ophrys romolinii Soca 2001
  13. Ophrys speculum Bertol. 1819