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Ophrys speculum

Ophrys speculumJPG.JPG

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Orchidoideae
Tribe: Orchideae
SubTribe: Orchidinae
Genus: Ophrys
Species: Ophrys speculum
Alliance: Orchis
Binomial name
Ophrys speculum
Link 1799

Ophrys speculum is a plant of the family Orchidaceae, in the genus Ophrys


Ophrys speculum is found in southern and western Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, and North Africa in grasslands and pine forest at elevations of 0 to 1200 meters.


Plant grows up to 30 cm and blooms in the summer. Plant has 2 to 15 flowers which are 3.2cm wide per an inflorescence. Ophrys speculum is found in partial sunny and cool areas.


Ophrys speculum habitat.jpg

Plants prefer well-drained low-fertility soils and areas with partial shade. Plants are very sensitive to the addition of fertilizers or fungicides and transplanting because it kills symbiotic fungus. The plant is usually propagated through seed culture. This species is cool growing but not cold tolerant. Divide plant when flower fades.


Image Name Description
Ophrys regis-ferdinandii Rhodos.jpg Ophrys speculum subsp. regis-ferdinandii
Acht. & Kellerer ex Kuzmanov 1971
The plant is found on the Aeagean Islands and near Turkey. Lip is thinner and longer.
Ophrys speculum lusitanica.jpg Ophrys speculum subsp. lusitanica
Danesch 1969
The plant is found in Portugal and Spain at elevations of 0 to 800 meters. The fringes on the edge of the lip is light red and the side sections of the lip is dark green and less yellow.


Common Name:The Mirrored Ophrys, Mirror orchid


Ophrys speculum

  1. Arachnites speculum Tod. 1842
  2. Ophrys ciliata Bivona-Bernardi 1816
  3. Ophrys speculum var. lutescens J.J.Rodr. 1904
  4. Ophrys vernixia subsp. ciliata Kerguelen

Ophrys speculum subsp. lusitanica

  1. Ophrys ciliata subsp. lusitanica (O.Danesch & E.Danesch) H.Baumann, Künkele & R.Lorenz 2004
  2. Ophrys lusitanica (O.Danesch & E.Danesch) Paulus & Gack 1990
  3. Ophrys scolopax Willd.
  4. Ophrys speculum subsp. lusitanica Danesch 1969
  5. Ophrys vernixia Brotero 1804
  6. Ophrys vernixia subsp. lusitanica (O. & E. Danesch) Baumann & Künkele 1986

Ophrys speculum subsp. regis-ferdinandii

  1. Ophrys ciliata subsp. regis-ferdinandii (Acht. & Kellerer ex Renz) H.Baumann, Künkele & R.Lorenz 2004
  2. Ophrys regis-ferdinandii (Renz) Buttler 1983
  3. Ophrys speculum f. regis-ferdinandii Renz 1943
  4. Ophrys vernixia subsp. regis-ferdinandii (Acht. & Kellerer ex Renz) Renz & Taubenheim 1983