Orchids Wiki

This page is all about the Orchids Wiki.

Orchid wiki's objective is to document and categorize all orchid species and hybrids. To provide encyclopedic and cultural informations about specific orchids. To provide clear and detail floral images and allow users to ID their plants.

Orchid Wiki is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world. Anyone can edit orchid wiki. All images are either licensed under GFDL and Creative Commons, or were obtain with the permission of the photo owner.

General Information[]

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The site serves as an database which documents all orchid species and hybrids, plus additional cultural information, and group information. Wikia orchids is maintained by Wikia Inc which shares the same bandwidth as the Wikimedia Foundation who runs wikipedia.

This site was set up on wikia rather than wikipedia because wikipedia does not allow culture sections per Articles containing how-to sections and is limited to user interaction via discussion. The site is also maintained by wikia staff and Adsense from google. Images from this site are supplied from individuals around the world see the discussion page for permission to use the images.

Like books and other orchid sites, Orchids wiki is not 100% accurate. Some articles may be imported from wikipedia and rearranged. You are encouraged to add or change inaccurate information and also cross reference the site with other sources.

Types of informational pages[]

Database pages are pages that give general information about orchids and their culture they follow a specific manual of style to stay consistent and they show up in the general search.

Editorial pages are pages that contain research, classification, different cultural styles, or articles their information can be found at Orchids Wiki:Editorials

Discussion pages are pages used for talking about different culture techniques and conditions for the plant. They are use to narrow down region specific culture information and more specific information on cultivars.


Orchid wiki was started on 7 December 2007 by Cs california

Editorials were added in on January 20 2009.