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Editorials are pages for users to record and provide information and news which would not be practical for an encyclopedic purposes. This is created to provide more data on orchid related topics. The format is relatively open.

Discussions of these topics will take place on their respective talk pages.

Rules for Editorials[]

Editorials are user pages for

  • Book & Journal information
  • Experimental & Research information
  • Culture information
  • Description of orchid & their habitats
  • Description of culture mediums
  • Tools for growing orchids
  • Pest & Mycorrhizal fungus
  • Herbal qualities
  • Taxonomic Disagreements (and linking)

They should NOT be used for

  • Culture questions & problems
  • Site maintenance
  • Where to trade and purchase orchids

These issues should be addressed in the forums


If you are writing a editorial try to reuse images that are currently in the database to save some space on the servers. If the image really essential then upload it.

Try not to rewrite articles that are the same, instead add your name to the authors.

Creating a Editorial[]

  • To start type the name of your article into create box below with the Over the words Title here
  • Your page should look similar to the one below. Fill in the fields in the template below. Sign author by ~~~ and the date by ~~~~~ And type over the <--START HERE--> sign
| title = 
| author = ~~~
| Date = ~~~~~



Type the article you want to create in the box below

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