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There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy. Other than assume good faith see our editing policies below.

Topics of orchid wiki[]

What is allowed[]

Here is a list of topics allowed on Orchid wiki

  1. Orchid species & Hybrid
  2. Specific taxonomic orchid genus and families
  3. Orchid growing info --Please do a detailed search before creating these or ask an admin if your page would be significant
  4. AOS Awards on a plant
  5. Features of a specific orchid
  6. Significant large organizations and Magazines -- Must be large and should not be a vending company. Must not be a small orchid society.
  7. Orchid shows <-- Should not be articles but added to Events and removed when events are over.

What is not allowed[]

  1. Orchid vendors
  2. Specific vendor branded or created potting mix -- it is too hard for people to locate and difficult to buy. ie: Synthetic clay pellets are ok, but OrchidWiki© clay balls not allowed.
  3. Very Opinionated description of a plant --You can do this on your blog.
  4. Companies, Places, or products named after orchids
  5. Fictional orchids -- ie: Tuvok orchid
  6. Your local town's orchid society
  7. No botanist pages, they can be found on wikipedia and you can link them ie. wikipedia:John Lindley
  8. No book articles because they are too insignificant (but books can be discussed on forums and used as references)

Protection Policy[]

Pages that can be protected include:

  1. Logo and favicon to maintain the integrity of the site. If you want to change or have a different logo from time to time discuss on the forums
  2. Enforcing a "cool down" period to stop an edit war, upon request.
  3. Vandalized pages and images
  4. Help page (only to non users)
See Wikia Protection for additional rules

Image Policy[]

For more information on our image policy see Help:Image copyright tags.
  1. Images must be clear and not fuzzy
  2. Permission MUST be given by user
  3. Image must be identified (sorry no images with sp.)
  4. Images should NOT have copyright or text tags (Tags belong on the Image description)

See also Project:Simplified ruleset