Orchis simia

Orchis simia.jpg

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Orchidoideae
Tribe: Orchideae
SubTribe: Orchidinae
Genus: Orchis
Species: O. simia
Binomial name
Orchis simia
Lamarck 1767

Orchis simia is a plant of the family Orchidaceae that is found in Europe.

Distribution[edit | edit source]

Plant is found growing in calcareous soil and open grasslands in Great Britain, Libya, Algeria, Spain, the Balaeric Islands, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania, the eastern Aegean Islands, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Crimea, Turkmeistan, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Iran at elevations of 0 to 1500 meters.

Description[edit | edit source]

Plant blooms in the spring with many 2.75 cm wide flowers. Flowers are fragrant with a pungent scent.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Plants prefer well-drained low-fertility soils and areas with partial shade. This species is cool to intermediate growing. Water regularly. Divide plant when flower fades.

Varities[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
Orchis simia alba.jpg Orchis simia var. alba Lip is white, sepals and petals are white

Naming[edit | edit source]

Common name:The Monkey Orchis

Synonyms[edit | edit source]

  1. Orchis cercopitheca Poir 1798
  2. Orchis italica Lamarck ?
  3. Orchis linearis Tourlet 1903
  4. Orchis macra Lindley 1835
  5. Orchis militaris Sm. 1808
  6. Orchis smithii Sweet 1826
  7. Orchis taubertiana B.Baumann & H.Baumann 2001
  8. Orchis tephrosantha Vill 1779
  9. Orchis zoophora Tuil. 1799
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