Phalaenopsis violacea

Phalaenopsis violacea.jpg

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Vandeae
SubTribe: Aeridinae
Genus: Phalaenopsis
Species: Phal. violacea
Binomial name
Phalaenopsis violacea
Witte 1861

Phalaenopsis violacea is a species in the genus Phalaenopsis.

Description[edit | edit source]

Phalaenopsis violacea can bloom throughout the year, but usually heaviest in late spring to early summer, with two to three successively opening flowers. Flowers are 3.5 cm wide and fragrant.

The plant was first discovered by Teijsmann in 1859, who sent it to the Botanic Garden at Leiden, Netherlands. It was then flowered by Witte. In that same year Willink in Amsterdam also received some plants of the species and sent some of the flowering material to Reichenbach who described it in 1862 under the name Stauritis violacia. In the same year Teijsmann and Binnedijk in Bogor also described their plant as Phalaenopsis violacea.

Distribution[edit | edit source]

Plants are found growing in the forest of Malaya peninsula and Sumatra at elevations around 150 meters.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Grow intermediate to warm. Pot in medium fir bark and keep in partial shade. Water about once a week. Keep plant fairly moist but not wet.

Varities[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
Phal. violacea alba.jpg Phalaenopsis violacea var. alba Sepals and petals are white with green edges. Lip is white with yellow center.
Phal. violacea semialba.jpg Phalaenopsis violacea var. semialba Sepals and petals are white. Lip is light pink with yellow center.
Phal. violacea coerulea.jpg Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerula Sepals and petals are light purple. Lip is purple.
Phal. violacea coerulea 'Keystone Blue'.jpg Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerula 'Keystone Blue' Sepals and petals are purple. Lip is purple with yellow.

Naming[edit | edit source]

Common Names: The Violet Phalaenopsis

Synonyms[edit | edit source]

  1. Phalaenopsis violacea f. coerulea Christenson 2001
  2. Phalaenopsis violacea f. alba (Teijsm. & Binn.) Christenson 2001
  3. Phalaenopsis violacea var. alba Teijsm. & Binn. 1862
  4. Polychilos violacea (hort. ex H. Witte) Shim 1982
  5. Stauritis violacea [Witte] Rchb.f 1862
  6. Stauropsis violacea Rchb. f. 1862;

Resources[edit | edit source]

PDF icon.pngBiochemical Analysis of Phalaenopsis violacea

References[edit | edit source]

  • Sweet, Herman R.. The Genus Phalaenopsis. The Orchid Digest, 1980.
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