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Phragmipedium longifolium

Phragmipedium longifolium .jpg

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Cypripedioideae
Tribe: Phragmipedieae
SubTribe: Phragmipediinae
Genus: Phragmipedium
Species: Phrag. longifolium
Binomial name
Phragmipedium longifolium
[Warsc. & Rchb.f]Rolfe 1896

Phragmipedium longifolium is a species of Phragmipedium.


Plant usually blooms mostly during the fall with seven successive 20 cm wide flowers.


Plants are found growing from Mexico to Peru at elevations of 600 to 1700 meters


Plants grow in warm areas with bright indirect sunlight. Plants should be watered with clean water and keep potting media wet. Plants can tolerate lots of water as long as media remains fresh. Plants are sensitive to salts. Keep fertilizers to a minimum as plants are light feeders. Plant in a mix with good air circulation. Plants can be grown in a mix of sphagnum moss, charcoal and perlite or medium fir bark with perlite.


Common Names: The Long-Leaf Phragmipedium


  1. Cypripedium dariense Rchb. f. 1878
  2. Cypripedium hartwegii Rchb. f. 1852
  3. Cypripedium hincksianum Rchb.f 1878
  4. *Cypripedium longifolium Warsc & Rchb.f 1852
  5. Cypripedium longifolium var. gracile H.J.Veitch ex Rolfe in ?.
  6. Cypripedium longifolium var. hartwegii (Rchb. f.) J.H. Veitch 1889
  7. Cypripedium reichenbachianum hort. 1887
  8. Cypripedium reichenbachii W. Bull 1869
  9. Cypripedium roezlii Regel 1873
  10. Paphiopedilum hartwegii (Rchb. f.) Pfitzer 1894
  11. Paphiopedilum hinksianum Pfitz 1894
  12. Paphiopedilum longifolium Pfitz 1888
  13. Phragmipedium dariense (Rchb.f.) Garay 1979
  14. Phragmipedium hartwegii [Rchb.f] L.O.Williams 1839
  15. Phragmipedium hartwegii f. baderi (Roeth & O.Gruss) O.Gruss 2001
  16. Phragmipedium hartwegii var. baderi Roeth & O.Gruss 1997
  17. Phragmipedium hincksianum [Rchb.f] Garay 1979
  18. Phragmipedium longifolium f. gracile (H.J.Veitch ex Rolfe) O.Gruss 2001
  19. Phragmipedium longifolium f. minutum O.Gruss 2001
  20. Phragmipedium longifolium var. darienense (Rchb.f.) Hallier f. 1897
  21. Phragmipedium longifolium var. gracile (H.J.Veitch) Pfitzer 1903
  22. Phragmipedium longifolium var. hincksianum (Rchb.f.) Stein 1892
  23. Phragmopedilum hartwegii (Rchb. f.) Pfitzer 1903
  24. Phragmopedilum longifolium (Rchb. f. & Warsz.) Pfitzer 1898
  25. Selenipedium dariense Rchb.f 1869
  26. Selenipedium gracile (H.J.Veitch) Desbois 1889
  27. Selenipedium hartwegii (Rchb. f.) Rchb. f. 1854
  28. Selenipedium hincksianum Rchb. f. 1878
  29. Selenipedium longifolium Rchb.f 1854
  30. Selenipedium reichenbachii Endres 1869