Vuylstekeara Cambria

Vuylstekeara Cambria 'Plush'
Vuylstekeara Cambria "Plush"

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Vuylstekeara Rudra
Pollen Parent: Odontoglossum Clonius
Genus: Vuylstekeara
Hybrid Epithet: Vuyl. Cambria
Binomial name
Vuylstekeara Cambria
C. 1931

Vuylstekeara Cambria is a Cochlioda, Miltoniopsis and Odontoglossum hybrid


Vuylstekeara Cambria is an Oncidium Alliance, intergeneric hybrid.


Keep in partial shade. Keep plant cool to intermediate, and keep medium moist all time, but avoid soaked medium. Plant can be potted in medium fir bark. Plant can be grown indoors, and blooms around autumn and winter.


Vuylstekeara Cambria 'Lensing's Favourite' Vuylstekeara Cambria 'Lensing's Favourite' Sepals and petals have red patches. Lip is pink with a magenta spot in the center


Generation 1

  1. Vuylstekeara Rudra × Odontoglossum Clonius

Generation 2

  1. Odontoglossum Clonius = Odontoglossum The Czar × Odontoglossum Aquitania
  2. Vuylstekeara Rudra = Vuylstekeara Brewii × Odontoglossum Prince Edward

Generation 3

  1. Odontoglossum The Czar = unknown
  2. Odontoglossum Aquitania = unknown
  3. Vuylstekeara Brewii = Miltoniopsis vexillaria × Odontioda Brewii
  4. Odontoglossum Prince Edward = Odontoglossum Rolfeae × Odontoglossum Crispo-Harryanum

Generation 4

  1. Odontioda Brewii = Odontioda Charlesworthii × Odontoglossum harryanum
  2. Odontoglossum Rolfeae = Odontoglossum harryanum × Odontoglossum nobile
  3. Odontoglossum Crispo-Harryanum = Odontoglossum crispum × Odontoglossum harryanum

Generation 5

  1. Odontioda Charlesworthii = Cochlioda densiflora × Odontoglossum harryanum